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"It's a New Year" - that's about all I can manage

An apology from me to you

A plea to honest and experienced doctors for useful, telling diagnostics

"Show me the science"

Christmas is in December not April

Breaking: Demand autopsies and that medical systems work with health departments to disclose manufacturer and batch/lot number for those that have died

Thoughts on life balance. Flipping the 80/20

Today at 12pm EST Sen. Ron Johnson Roundtable will be LIVE & discussing the COVID-19 Vaccines

Georgia Senate Runoff: Herschel Walker's stand for health freedom contrasts Raphael Warnock's recent "not voting"

Lame duck session is anything but


Vote Tuesday, November 8, 2022 - Possibly the most important vote of your life - Stop the mandates!

Hands off our children [Special CHD version]

POLL: Who is the most guilty?

If I were a research scientist without ethical boundaries

A culmination of observations and thoughts

List of Candidates Standing for Health Freedom

I am utterly embarrassed that this video is one year old and I've never watched it before

People Rate Ivermectin Higher than COVID-19 Vaccines

"If there must be trouble, let it be in my day ..."

The people have spoken. Keep speaking

See What I Meme #4

The names and faces of those who hold the fate of our children on the line

BREAKING NEWS: The U.S. Government affirms that COVID-19 Vaccines have resulted in harm and injury

See What I Meme #3

Isn't it crystal clear by now?

See What I Meme #2

See What I Meme #1

Wow a lot packed into Number 4 ... and so specific too! Glad it was tested on 8 mice!

The fifteen months after learning about Maddie de Garay and Ernesto Ramirez Jr.

"We're seeing some really horrific results."

Shameful double standard placed on our college students

"It can't be ignored any longer." ... "This stops today."

The fight for freedom and natural law: Keep your eye on the prize

More than 100,000 views in 24 hours

Those two little words

How do we respond to those late to the "truth telling" game?

I've been waiting for this

No point in side-stepping this anymore

Poll: Would you consume food or beverages that are produced or tested using, but not containing, fetal cell lines?

Back-up plan for fellow substackers

The needle is indeed moving

"Did you avoid getting COVID?" asks Steve Kirsch, and here is my answer

What constitutes "It's over. The truth is finally out and will stay out" to you?

Flashback to October 2019

Hey mom, hey dad! Did you hear what is banned in the UK and Denmark?

My message today is simple. The control group MUST be protected, not coerced.

Did I hear what I thought I just heard?

Dear College Student, You've Been Punked ...

My response to Steve Kirsch's latest newsletter about "Silenced Healthcare Workers"

On the lighter side of things: What guilty (or innocent) pleasure has helped you survive the past two years?

Poll indicates "Disease" least of worries when it comes to way or cause of death

3-day poll to prove a point

Are you a risk taker?

Did Phase I of clinical trials, which normally tests for Safety, take place in the real world as Real World Evidence during the first half of 2021?

Reader Beware. Question Everything.

"First comes Gardasil, then comes Covid. Next comes" ... the Flu Shot

A flurry of posts by Geert Vanden Bossche ... which one to start with?

Top 3 Reasons Parents are Against COVID-19 injections for their babies and young children

Single most important video to watch in my lifetime

This is huge. Not just for children, but for all of us

Always have a back-up plan

What's next?

Provide your input by 7am PST, Friday, May 13, 2022 (United States specific instructions)

I try not to push too much or too hard, but today I need to share what needed to be shared

The proposed Cures 2.0 Act (2021-2022) broken down by billions of federal taxpayer dollars

Please forward to all Californians

The road to H-E-double-hockey-sticks is paved with good intentions

By allowing yourself, or your neighbor, to be categorized in an unjust way and be discriminated against, you seal your fate and theirs

After 12 years of memories on facebook, they want to lock me out

A living memorial to honor the vaccine injured or deaths caused by the "vaccine"

"But is it experimental?"

I must restack this (or whatever it's called)

The process for "Real world evidence"

A simple, but fitting good night story

Is it time for the FDA or CDC to issue a warning about the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for the safety and health of children?

To turn on or not to turn on?

A very important read from Dr. Byram Bridle (plus a bonus update from Kyle Warner for hope)

Wow! The tide may very well be turning!

My "tide is turning" indicator has been activated

awesome compilation of songs to help keep us going

Good people divided and an explanation of why

Preventing unexplained, unexpected, or sudden deaths

An open letter to Dr. Byram Bridle

A plea for help

No, we should not all get vaccinated

"Safe and effective" vs. "safe and effective for most"

Applause... applause

Leave no question unanswered

Focus on forward: the "Righting the Wrongs" Index

Something is amiss

The Elephant in the Room - H.R.34 - 21st Century Cures Act (2015-2016)

Welcome. I guess I was called to do this