“How many Red Flags are enough?”

-Peter Nayland Kust

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Endotoxin Induced Myocarditis

known since 2003 or before


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The answer to all of the questions is: THIS IS AN EXTERMINATION.

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"But the benefits outweigh the risks . . . " Some people simply will not see the truth, no matter what is placed right in front of their faces. That's one enduring aspect of covid - complete and effective brainwashing.

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“Information on the long term effects is not yet known.”

And never will be because they will never look.

The passive voice used in scientific type documents is so helpful too - “is not known” is not nearly as alarming to hear as “we don’t know what the long term effects will be.”


Evil. Just evil.

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Oct 11·edited Oct 11

This is a short video (3:04) that explains exactly How the biological injections were pulled off so easily. I hope everyone will watch & share this. TY 👇


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Good info but those taking TRUMP'S BIOLOGICAL INJECTIONS aka the (not) a Vaccine are lazy illiterate and controlled easily. They will not READ or Heed one single word of any of this! TY

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