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We have an adequate size camper with several sources of power. We could live in that but probably not through a winter. We would have to move more south. We boondocked a month out west this summer. No electric hook up. I have local sources for most food items and if we shelter at home a large yard for garden. We can get by with little. Depending on the circumstances of the problem.

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I need a second source of water. That's in the works.

There is nowere to go if my primary place fails, because it's going to be worse elsewhere.

Looking into how to mine the driveway. ;^> And I need more peanut butter.

The social and the personal, maintaining one's integrity, knowing when to draw the sword. The samurai fights his battle in the zendo - and I'm nowhere near ready.

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Write a post with what common needs people should have covered.

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If your primary place fails you, how many places can you go to live for at least a month?


The answer depends on if I'm allowed to go to your place or not! ;)

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Honestly I don't think we can prep for what's coming.

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Hi Lee…C FL checking in. You are never really fully prepared so admittedly I kinda stopped last 6 months. Decided to go with what I have on hand. It sort of drives one crazy to be honest. You can get into very negative mindset always worried about what you lack or forgot.

Try to stay in a good physical state as you will need to be mobile. I can thank the last two years for the mental toughness. In early 2020 I was pissed off that I felt the need to even have to do it. Was hoping that a solution would present itself. Then I became the Dr Strangelove of prepping “How I quit worrying and learned to love SHTF.”

My advice is get the basics of each group listed in your poll and relax. Then ride the tiger and embrace the suck. This country and the West has a rendezvous with its own mortality. Ultimately, it’s going to lose.

Thank you for your blog!

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I don’t have extra resources to prep beyond hurricane season standard stuff.

My biotoxin mold illness has been very costly & my supportive husband is using his retirement savings. But I’m very thankful after no treatment for years with insurance dictated doctors. ( I have a laundry list of autoimmune issues. Thankful to have a little energy to get things done around the house. Progress!)

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Please forgive me: Simply incredible smile. Thank you for sharing it.

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Living in Japan, along the geologically Pacific active ring of fire (as well as frequent typhoons and flooding), many, if not most Japanese households have a "bosai" kit (bug-out kit), so depending on who takes the survey, I am not sure if it is adequate for anything more than raising awareness.

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