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Lee, one of the things that I've noticed about livestock feed AND a HUGE amount of people food is the inclusion of soy. Soy is a natural estrogen and therefore NOT recommended for those who have had hormone positive cancers. I also wonder if the huge amounts are what is causing some of the "identity" issues? Just speculation on my part but I do know that when I was growing up about the only soy in, other than Chinese, was soy lethicin used in chocolate. Now it's in most everything we eat. I don't worry as much about GMO as I don't eat that much of the major plant it is used for. BTW, soy is one of the top GMO plants! A double whammy.

As to bartering, gardening etc...maybe find other locals who have gardens, poultry etc and set up a swap with them. By agreement or planning, work to try not to duplicate too much so that each person fills in a slot. Grow perennial foods, they are easier and less work.

Just an aside I was reading a blog about seed sources. Many comments were how disappointing the seeds from Seed Savers have been. There are several organic and well recognized seed sources that I can refer you to if you want.

Love this post.

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Hi Insight people... this is the first time I have seen this stack, but it looks like it's going in a useful Direction. I was traveling recently, of course using the Google Maps to get to my Airbnb, being hurted through the airports, etc. I realized that airports are set up perfectly for culling events, all the security and Firepower and Gates are already in place... more to the point. My dependence on the information grid is pretty extreme. and I was thinking about a theory of religion that I read that made so much sense. The theory is that a vengeful rule enforcing God enabled trade and travel over distances where personal relationships did not exist. People would be deemed trustworthy if they were members of the same religion because they would fear the wrath of God if they deviated from prescribed norms of fair trade and hospitality.

So it looks like the information grid serves this function now. You can feel safe staying in a stranger's house because it is endorsed by Airbnb . Merchants will take your credit card, you can buy anything anywhere with the information grid backed currency. I don't think you can discount use of the information grid as mere " convenience " - it is almost impossible to function in Modern Life without using it.

I don't know where this analogy is going. it does seem like the information grid is as vengeful as any other monotheist God, especially now that it is linked with the pharmaceutical industry. Non participation carries a heavy price! We may benefit from reading up on ways that various resistance movements functioned in the past, establishing communication Networks based on personal relationships and Trust. Letters of introduction ? Underground Railroad? Just some stray thoughts I've been having, wanted to get them down in writing so I can get on with my day!

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Thank you, Lee!

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To your point 4, I find this interesting:


To your point 3, everyone is assuming the dollar devaluation, which may very well happen in the long run, but in the shorter run there are reasons for it to go up. Uneducated Economist on youtube is good at breaking it down. Markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.

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Thank you Lee for an excellent list of suggestions.. organizations for moving on from Big Brothers Black Cavalry of Commerce.. good stuff!

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Lacto fermenting food 2-3 days. Avoid chitin (the real spike protein), hidden in processed food. And of course, grow food for health and exercise.

Interest on credit cad debt will track higher with inflation, nothing gained there unless discharged in bankruptcy.

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You seem very enlightened, and much better informed than I was at your age - judging from your profile picture! (You may be a 90-year-old man for all I know)!

But then you have had the "benefit" of the COVID experience!

If you would like to see what woke me up a decade ago at the age of 55 it is here


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