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More obfuscation of what words actually mean.

They're telling their investors that the words may not mean what they historically have meant.

But are they telling their sales reps, uh, I mean drug reps to tell the doctors this? And telling the doctors to tell the patients?

"Mrs. So-and-so, I recommend you take this new RSV vaccine. The drug company says it believes that the vaccine will protect you from severe RSV and that the extra artificial chemicals they included to aggravate your immune system will be safe. And they also want me to let you know that "believes" and "will" are just what they think and hope the vaccine actually does do, because they haven't actually studied it long enough to know for certain. They are just projecting into the future what they HOPE might be true. So, it may not actually do anything and it may not actually be safe. Now, if you will just roll up your sleeve."

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