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Thank you, once again, for your very important work. Hopefully, Jeff Childers, Steve Kirsch, Dr. Alexander and other substackers with large audiences and important connections are discussing and sharing it in a meaningful way.

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Thank you for your important investigation.. keep it up!

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This is why we have long been in a 1984 2.0 and the country is bankrupt and simultaneously an oligarch corporatacracy - well on its way down the drain of history as an empire run by sociopathic, beyond insane idiots. Sadly the little people will suffer the most and be extinguished as planned.

None the less, the return of the real CEO of this planet and this cosmos who is about to return according to never failed Divine Prophecy, Jesus the Christ, the King of Kings - and the ultimate Judge - He will truly level the playing field...

No evil doer will escape, no not even one (!)

Much thanks Lee! Godspeede.

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Just so you know; I think you are fantastic. I featured you substack 2x on my site, I mention your substack when and where I can (Though I have been offline for a few weeks).

I am pinging people for the next few days on your behalf. I believe in you, I believe in your work, I believe in your heart, your compassion.

You are a boss, regardless of # of followers.

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Thank you! I was just advised of your amazing work. I'd love to compare notes sometime. I'll definitely be getting a link to this out to my readers.

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