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COVID-19 Will We Ever Get Justice with David Martin

Weaponized News, posted August 31, 2023




SAM CHANEY: So in in this fall coming up, are, do you think the public's going to go along with this whole thing, mask, masks up, social distance, Plexiglas, lockdown, booster. Do you think they're going to be able to pull it off one more time?

DR. DAVID MARTIN: Well I certainly think they're going to try. And the tragedy is I think there are an enormous number of people, and by enormous number I mean about a third of the population that is gullible to fall for anything. As I said in a previous interview very recently, if you look at the uptake of what really happened the last time around, you have about a third of the population that fell for it, and they'd fall for anything. If they, if you, if the government said jump off a bridge, they'd jump off the bridge.

Another third are coerced into it, where they do it because they want to travel, they want to do it because their employer says they have to do it, they want to do it because they want to get access to certain venues, concerts, entertainment, whatever else. So a third get coerced.

And about a third say no.

The question for us right now is whether the middle third is going to recognize that this thing was all a sham in the first place and not comply. Because if 66% of the population doesn't go along with it, then they're in trouble. But if that same coercion third goes the way it went last time then unfortunately they'll win.

SAM CHANEY: So that's the hearts and minds we're fighting for is that 33% in the middle.

DR. DAVID MARTIN: That's exactly right. It's the swing vote that was coerced. If if if people recognize that it took coercion for them to get the shot in the first place, if we can get those people to go, you fooled me once, OK, fool me twice, shame on me. If we can get them to see that, we have a shot at turning this thing around.



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DR. DAVID MARTIN: Anthony Fauci stated in Congress in December of 2019 before any of this got started that within his career he would get the United States to accept a universal vaccine program. Universal. You know what? That's what he's doing. This has never been been about public health. It's never been about a pathogen, it's never been about a disease, it's never been about anything. This is about a program where industrial pharmaceutical companies have decided to use the cover of a medical countermeasure in an emergency to get product liability immunity and that's all it is. This is a profit-generating terror campaign. That's it. There's nothing else to it.

SAM CHANEY: It, yeah it should be self-evident to everyone, but [laughs] man, the propaganda is so—

DR. DAVID MARTIN: Yeah but here, let me just point something out, and I said this before. The problem with people who say they are about free speech, the problem with people who say they're about the freedom movement, the problem is, they're not having this conversation. They are adding to the confusion. This is a racketeering crime. This is a financial crime. And it's murder.

And if they start talking about, well, we still don't know where the thing came from, so let's have 10 conversations about that, and let's have 5 conversations about ivermectin and 10 conversations about, you know, hydroxychloroquine. I'm not suggesting that there's not a valid conversation to be had about medical interventions for the poisoning of people. I think that there's probably a role for that. But here's the problem. The problem is, in the liberty side of this equation, what I'm going to call the alt-mainstream, is still not talking about the crime. They are talking about the symptoms of the crime. And what that does is it feeds the confusion in the mainstream. If we had, within this side of the movement, if we had people staying focused on topic, it is criminal racketeering, it's deceptive medical practices, it is domestic terrorism through coercion, and it's murder. If we had a simple message, and everybody started saying that message, we wouldn't have the problem we have.

We have 3 and a half years of nonsense where people sit there going, well, was it China, is it the US, is it this, is it that. We need the same focus that the other side has because if the other side had this level of distraction they wouldn't accomplish anything. So what do they do? And you've seen it, Sam. What do they do? We're going to pretend like there's covid counts going up. We're going to pretend like we need to have masks. We're going to pretend like we need to get injections. Three simple messages. And they repeat them so often that everybody believes them.

You know what we don't have on our side of the conversation? Three simple messages. And here they are. This was a bioweapons program started in 2005 officially as a bioweapons program. Number two, this was coercion and domestic terrorism. Number three, this is deceptive medical practices racketeering leading to murder. Those simple statements, that's it, are all we need to keep reciting so that we actually have a simple message that the public can understand.



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Biographical note from the show notes for a different interview, with James Howard Kunstler, earlier this year: "Dr. David E. Martin is "the Founder and Chairman of M·CAM Inc., the international leader in innovation finance, trade, and intangible asset finance. He’s been among a select band of international thought-leaders investigating the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic, in particular the relationships between US public health officials, the pharmaceutical companies, and a number of shadowy organizations behind the development of hugely profitable vaccines with a poor record of safety and viability. He was the founding CEO of Mosaic Technologies Inc., a company that developed and commercialized advanced computational linguistics technologies, dynamic data compression and encryption technologies, electrical field transmission technology, medical diagnostics, and stealth/anechoic technology, and launched many other ventures here and overseas."

Note that a blog post by Brucha Weisberger dated November 1, 2022, contains numerous links to videos and documents by and about Dr. David Martin.


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Transcript: https://transcriberb.dreamwidth.org/97438.html

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the supposed variant, BA.2.86 or pirola (see wiki definition of pirola), we are being mocked is what everyone needs to understand, DO NOT COMPLY!


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U mean variant BS24/7. Ok, there will likely be another desperate attempt at a BS24/8...

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