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I was asked, why haven't more people stepped forward to speak on these difficult things. Here is my answer:

"With just about anything, there is more than one explanation. Here are just some:

- Like the ER nurse explained, people tend to follow the crowd, no matter how a person defines their "crowd". It could be their friends, their peers, or the general population. They see safety in groups.

- Many are so wedded to the idea that the potential of the technology will evolve over time such that long term gains will eventually outweigh short term losses (e.g., gain-of-function research, real world evidence, all for the greater good). But to mislead, obscure, or hide vital information is wrong. It is being done because without participants, there can be no experiment. The bioethics line was crossed over and over again.

- In business, it is well known that emotion trumps logic. Such is the power of influence. If you have the resources and authority, you are in the position to influence. Some people are easily influenced or generally still fearful of the next thing to be fearful of.

- Cognitive dissonance is a defense mechanism. If you blindly believe that all others are keeping your well-being and safety in mind, and the general public as well, and that is what your experience has been your entire life, it is difficult to feel or react or think any differently. I feel people who have really experienced hardship in life because of other person or persons are less likely to fall into the trap of "no, they wouldn't do that". That is an idyllic viewpoint which is easier for people to deal with to avoid the stress of knowing the truth.

- People accepted or signed off on ideas, beliefs, and viewpoints without investigating it for themselves, at all levels. They did it because the person beside them did or they were "too busy" to validate the information, read the fine print or the hundreds of pages of legislation that is being proposed.

- People were either bought out, threatened, coerced, or just too fearful. They didn't want to lose important "things" in their lives. However, not at a cost. They lose their moral integrity.

- Lastly, people are not standing by the very ideals for which their country was founded - the Constitution. Those that only fly the flag for Independence Day, but then take it down shortly after ... it is for show alone, and not truly believing "We are the People" and standing for the protection of natural law. If you are going to fly the flag, fly it throughout the year, not just one day to decorate because of a party that people are coming over for."

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