People do indeed need to boldly ask those questions. They also need take a stand for Sovereignty. Far too many people capitulated to tyranny because they didn't want to LOSE something. At the end of the day, this was an excuse....because when Sovereignty is a true priority, you do not allow yourself to become a debt slave in the first place, and give your employer all the power over your ability to feed your family. It's never too late to change, and to course correct.....but you can't remain a cowardly victim, waiting for the other shoe to drop while you continue digging your own hole. It's beyond shocking how few people didn't figure that out through the course of the last three years, and are still in exactly the same situation that they were in before the global circus came to town, only a little bit more enslaved because they gave even more of their power away. You have to be willing to lose it all, and if its necessary, you walk the talk and leave it behind. Trust me, doing so makes you stronger than titanium and more polished than a diamond, and you will never again suffer trespasses.

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Walensky was just in front of congress the other day reinforcing how important the jabs were and how well they worked at the start of the crisis. This, of course, is simply because they shoved everybody who got covid during the 'worry window' into the 'unvaccinated' bucket.

They WILL do it again if we let them.

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No, they would not change a plan decades in the making.

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I would say there’s no admission to the wrongdoing and definitely no apology. From any of these.

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Check this out...it will prove that we will never get an apology and no, no one has our backs..... this is the tribunal of Dr Trozzi....I am not going to lie....it's VERY hard to sit through this and not punch a wall.......

"Ontario ER physician, Dr. Mark Trozzi, steadfastly stuck to his oath to protect his patients but now faces the loss of his medical licence as a 7-day tribunal hearing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) begins Tuesday, June 13 @9am. To watch the tribunal, email tribunal@opsdt.ca to receive the zoom link. "

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Walensky, flat out lied. She said millions died of Covid. Maybe with Covid. 1. 2. They did not have adequate tracking of vaxxed patience in Hospitals

This seems odd? Everything now is on a tablet all

Medical records charts electronic. 3. She then asked for more money to close those gaps in tracking. She had no remorse. She in her words

Said the public’s confidence in the CDC is improving? She’s a good salesperson. One political member questioning her said to her responses,

Your a better politician than I am.

CDC failed to care. They gave confused messages,

RED flags on Adverse Events immediately deaths.

Demonized anti vaxxers

Scorch Earth CDC

She wants more money, because next pandemic you won’t can’t slip between the seams of surveillance and medical tyranny.

Defund cdc

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I work for a government agency and not one person in a leadership position who could have helped protect people from the mandates, or who forced the mandates on the employees has changed jobs. Its the same Senior Executives in place, especially at the very top of the agency. I always return to Charles Hugh Smith's discussions on the nature of failing institutions, and even keep the diagram on my office wall to show people where we are in the cycle...https://www.oftwominds.com/blogfeb22/institutions2-22.html

The current crop of leaders across all our institutions were selected for political / ideological reasons, not competence, and they will execute their orders based on that. They're authoritarians but can't recognize themselves as such, and will destroy anyone who gets in their way with the fervor of anyone who's been radicalized by an ideology.

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Paracelsus was not aware of catalytic Positive Feedback Loop amplification of Inflammatory Cytokine Storm caused by Femtogram quantities of Endotoxin as the primary cause of Septic Shock Death. But he would have been very interested indeed.

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Very good advice!

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