As terrifying as this study is, I would be remiss in not including it as well, so I am adding it in - https://palexander.substack.com/p/is-there-reverse-transcription-of

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Lee loved this (fits me to a T) "I cannot say I understand everything being said nor can I say I believe everything said, but I take what I feel I need from the articles.

Sometimes, I’m just in “listen only” mode, that maybe I’ll understand or believe it more a different time."

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That's a cool collection of articles you have here. It's a shame they're not read more, out there.

Out on the streets, in the cafes, out at the parks.

Imagine if this type of material was just everywhere, being read publicly, by everyone.

I wonder how the year 2023 would develop and become.

Wouldn't it be wonderful? Or would it be something else? Would it turn into a tsunami of social angst, or will it stay just as it has been, as quiet as a mouse?

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This is a great reference. Many thanks for compiling and posting this!! Happy New Year!!

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have also read that another benefit of a more alkaline body ph is inhibits cancer growth (may have read about this in Coleen Hubert’s Substack.)


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