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This is something that was posted back on October 5, 2021



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Thank you for posting this. This is what we have all been thinking. How can we know when the spike protein has left the body?

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Lee I have been reading many of the researchers posts & comments the past few days looking for information on diagnostics. I have a few people that are close to listening and reviewing information but I can't go to them with this rather alarming scientific information and not given them something they can review regarding testing. These individuals are 4 shots (confirmed) and in 'we never got covid' camp but they also take meticulous care of themselves otherwise. They will need to see something showing up in test results which none of their doctors will advise.

I also see a need for this suggestion of possible baseline diagnostics as a way to not flood the early treatment docs with patients that aren't in immediate need for services. The FL CCC site is a fabulous resource that I've been sharing throughout the PLANdemic but if you don't think you have a health condition related to your covid shots then you aren't going to be particularly open-minded to their protocols and frankly it will likely be overwhelming to those that haven't taken a detour down the early treatment options prior to now.

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After research by my husband & daughter, who are physicians, into the mRNA jabs, the 3 of us took the Pfizer jab in late '20 - early '21. We regretted it by April '21. Much info was suppressed while they were researching the vax, but some was coming out in early '21. We began a Post-vax Recovery Protocol devised by the physicians/researchers at www.flccc.net. My husband attended the Understanding & Treating Spike-Induced Injuries conference that flccc presented in Oct '22. ( https://covid19criticalcare.com/conference/ ) This conference is available on-line through flccc for a fee. The flccc vax recovery protocol is updated as new research demands.

As a sidenote, my daughter stays abreast of everything covid through a chat of many of the docs who are trying to swim upstream against the false government narrative. Many of these docs say with the info available now that the spike may be in our bodies forever (especially if vaxed). They recommend mitigation of the effects through vax recovery protocols. I plan on staying on the protocol until research says it is safe to stop.

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So I revisited the catecholamine scenario last week looking up a few papers, and I may write a post in the future, but it appears that elevated blood pressure may be a rather common consequence post-vaccination.

Whether this is due to the acute phase of vaccination or possible long-term effects of of a hypercatecholaminergic state, it may be worth it for doctors to check for immediate and prolonged elevated blood pressure levels in patients (note: I'm not a doctor so no medical advice, just a thought), as it may tie into the idea that a sustained hypercatecholaminergic response may be occurring and may be a factor in the sudden cardiac deaths, in particular for those who have died in their sleep.

Just something I cam across in some of my readings.

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I think glutathione is supposed to be helpful for several things, the damage to vessels being one.

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This is our living nightmare and probably part of the satanic plan. I have suggested to my son who took 2 that he should take a baby aspirin daily like some of us did years ago as we pushed 40. I also provide him with Qunol Turmeric. At this point in time, enlightened doctors even in Florida are hard to find. My suggestions to my son about the aspirin and curcumin are always given as general healthy habits to practice. I dare not create a stressful situation with the truth. I also pray a lot more now. We are facing true evil.

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I learned about Prussian Blue a few days ago.

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